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Compact wheat flour mill project

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Zhengzhou Chinatown Grain Machinery Co., Ltd.
Henan, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 30%
Main Products: Grain machinery
Model No.: CTWM Brand: CTGRAIN Place of Origin: China
Packing: Full Container Lo... Name: Compact wheat flour... After-sales Servic...: Engineers available...
Capacity: 40-150 tons per day Application: Flour Production I... Final products: Wheat flour
No. of containers: 8 containers Raw material: Wheat Maize Corn ... Type: Automatic Small F...

                                         Compact wheat flour mill project

The Flour Mill Equipment of 120 tons per day compact wheat flour milling machinery are designed and installed together

with the steel structure support. The main support structure is made of three levels: the roller mills are located on the

ground floor, the sifters are installed on the first floor, the cyclones and pneumatic pipes are on the second floor.

The materials from the roller mills are lifted by pneumatic transferring system. Enclosed pipes are used for ventilation

and de-dusting. Workshop height is relatively low to reduce customers' investment. The milling technology can be

adjusted to satisfy customers' different requirements. Optional PLC control system can realize central control with high

degree of automation and make operation easier and flexible. Enclosed ventilation can avoid dust spill to keep high

sanitary working condition. The whole mill can be compactly installed in a warehouse and designs can be customized as

per different requirements.




In the cleaning section, we adopt drying type cleaning technology. It normally includes 2 times sifting, 2 times scouring, 2

times de-stoning, one time purifying, 4 times aspiration, 1 to 2 times dampening, 3 times magnetic separation and so on.

In the cleaning section, there are several aspiration systems which can reduce the dust spray-out from the machine and

keep a good working environment.This is a complicated thorough flow sheet which can remove most of the coarse offal,

middle size offal and fine offal in the wheat. The cleaning section is not only suitable for wheat imported with lower moisture

and but also suitable dirty wheat from local customers.



In the milling section, there are four types of systems to mill the wheat to flour. They are 4-Break system, 7-Reduction

system,1-Semolina system and 1-Tail system. Purifiers are specially designed to get more pure semolina sent to the

Reduction which improves the flour quality by a large margin. The rollers for Reduction, Semolina, and Tail systems are

smooth rollers which are well blasted. The whole design will insure less bran mixed into the bran and the flour yield is

maximized. Because the well designed pneumatic lifting system, the whole mill material is transferred by High pressure fan.

The milling room will be clean and sanitary for aspiration adoption.


Packing Section

All the packing machines are automatic.The packing machine has features of high measuring accuracy, fast packing speed,

reliable and stable working. It can weigh and count automatically, and it can accumulate weight. The packing machine has

function of fault self-diagnosis. Itssewing machine has automatic sewing and cutting function. The packing machine is with

sealed type bag-clamping mechanism, whih can \prevent material from leaking out.The packing specification includes 1-5kg,

2.5-10kg,20-25kg,30-50kg.The clients can choose different packing specification according to requirements. 


Electrical control and management

In this part, we will supply electrical control cabinet, signal cable, cable trays and cable ladders, and other electrical installation

parts. The substation and motor power cable is not included except customer specially required.PLC control system is an

optional choice for customer. In PLC control system, all the machinery is controlled by Programmed Logical Controller which

can insure the machinery running stably and fluently. The system will make some judgments and do reaction accordingly when

any machine is in fault or stopped abnormally. In the same time it will alarm and remind the operator to settle the faults.Schneider

series electrical parts are used in out electrical cabinet. The PLC brand will be Siemens, Omron, Mitsubishi and other International

Brand. The combination of a good designing and reliable electrical parts insures the whole mill running smoothly.


The company focuses on technology reformation, improving the manufacturing ability and quality of machine. The

company took the lead in the introduction of CNC laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, CNC lathes and other

advanced processing equipment. 

At the same time purchased CNC machining center, CNC boring machine, CNC lathe, CNC milling machine,surface

grinder, planing machine and other advanced processing equipment investment, and added electrostatic spraying

production line. The product quality can be promised by these reliable manufacturing equipment support.

Our company adopt steel plate laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine, carbon dioxide arc welding and argon

arc welding, welding scale, rotary automatic welding, electrostatic spraying surface treatment, continuous improvement

and innovative models. Our products are not only has good performance, but also easy for installation and maintenance

with low cost. The product with advanced technology, reliable quality, and nice appearance has been appreciated by

many clients.

Project installation: we have professional electrical and mechanical project installation team. The display of the equipment

is neat, reasonable, beautiful, generous, and easy maintenance.

The commissioning is carried out under the guidance of experienced experts and professors on the spot. The test can be

successful by one time commissioning, and can totally meet or exceed the design specifications and requirements.

Our machinery are widely used in many domestic users. And our turn-key projects and single equipment were exported

to Thailand, Burma, Australia, Sri Lanka, Italy, Germany, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine and other more than 20 countries

and regions. Many clients around the world have visited our company on business.We warmly welcome clients and

supplied excellent solutions with best quality equipment and technical services, and we received high recognition from them.

The company has a strong technical force, with more than 20 engineers and technicians who are specialized in flour,

electric, automatic control computer and so on.The products have passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management

system, European Union CE quality certification and other international quality management system certification.It also has

obtained Henan Province Science and Technology Type Sme Certification , National High-tech Enterprise Certification and

7 national invention patent certificates.The company can provide a turn-key project design, including the flowchart drawing

design, electrical and automatic control design, architectural planning a.These designs all get CAD computer aided design.

Detailed drawing materials, advanced tool and rapid design can supply the client the best choice.

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